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Enforce And Modify Court Orders

Following the finalization of a divorce, life goes on for families living in separate households. As time passes, life changes. Career setbacks and new relationships require revisiting an existing divorce decree. Spouses may decide not to live up to the decree that they signed, requiring more aggressive enforcement actions.

At Morello Law Offices, our lawyers protect not only the rights of our clients when disagreements arise; we also fight for their financial security and the relationship they enjoy with their children.

Holding Noncomplying Ex-Spouses Accountable

When one spouse accuses the other of violating a divorce-related court order involving alimony, child support or visitation, we put our focus on the best possible outcome. Many issues can be resolved by both parties working out their differences without court intervention. As with any aspect of divorce, negotiations are usually the best strategy to keep the peace.

However, if negotiations fall through, we will not hesitate to file motions in court to enforce original orders. In cases involving noncooperative spouses, we will file contempt actions to hold them accountable.

Revisiting Divorce Decrees As Life Changes

While a divorce decree is final, custody and support should reflect changing dynamics. Modifications become necessary when a substantial change of circumstances occurs. Common reasons for revisiting previous agreements include the loss of a job or a spouse remarrying. As with any aspect of family law, the best interests of the children are the priority.

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