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Your Legal Advocate When A Marriage Ends

Nobody gets married with the intent to get divorced. But, the truth is that marriages can and do end. If you live in or around the Canton area and are contemplating the end of your marriage or were recently served with papers, you can trust that Morello Law Offices, Attorney and Counselor at Law, will handle the matter competently and effectively.

When you seek our legal counsel regarding your divorce or dissolution, we will answer questions and put you at ease, explain your rights and let you know what to expect throughout the legal process.

Whether you are considering a dissolution — an amicable split with everything agreed to ahead of time — or facing a divorce before a judge in Ohio courts, our focus is on giving you the information necessary to make the right decisions about the end of your marriage. We then take aggressive action to protect your interests. Even if we never go to court, our clients gain peace of mind, knowing that they are represented by lawyers who have the skills necessary to take aggressive legal action in the courtroom.

Child Custody: Protecting Your Children’s Best Interests

When Ohio courts make child custody and visitation decisions, they consider the best interests of the child, looking to a series of factors that are outlined in our state’s statutes. We can help you understand these factors and anticipate how courts might determine custody in your case. This can help you make decisions about which course of action is best to protect your relationship with your children.

Representing Residents Throughout Stark County And Northeast Ohio

Ohio recognizes equitable division of marital property. Under the law, equitable does not necessarily mean equal — although it often is. Courts attempt to divide property that was acquired during the marriage in a way that is fair to the parties.

Because courts consider many factors, it is critical to have a strong advocate on your side — especially when complex assets are involved. These may include investment properties, retirement accounts, pensions and valuable collections.

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