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Addressing Financial Concerns Through Support Issues

At Morello Law Offices, our attorneys take on the complexities that often come with child and spousal support matters. We handle all aspects of the process from the initial establishment of orders to matters that require modification and enforcement of existing agreements.

A Focus On The Best Interests Of Children

In Ohio, child support is determined according to state child support guidelines. Both parents must provide either verification of incomes for the past six months or their most recent income tax returns. The guidelines also factor in account expenses that create challenges. It can become difficult to determine what credits for medical costs, day care and other expenses parents are entitled to.

While we strictly adhere to Ohio child support guidelines, we are also aware that other factors must be considered when determining support.

A Detail-Oriented Approach To Spousal Support Agreements

Spousal support can be one of the more contentious aspects of divorce. Guidelines are not as specific as child support statutes. Temporary financial assistance is often needed during the period of separation. Final alimony agreements require identifying both spouses’ financial needs and obligations after the divorce is final, along with the potential tax consequences.

Determining spousal support amounts presents challenges when one spouse is hiding income or assets. At Morello Law Offices, our attorneys attend to every detail to determine appropriate support amounts. In some cases, more in-depth investigations are necessary to get to the facts.

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