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Nobody thinks that domestic violence will affect them. But statistics show that domestic violence and domestic violence allegations are more common than ever. Located in Canton and Carrollton, Ohio, Morello Law Offices, Attorney and Counselor at Law represents domestic violence victims, as well as victims of stalking offenders. Many of our clients are people who are involved in other family law disputes — like divorces or child custody disputes — that involve domestic violence issues.

Because we believe so strongly that victims of abusive spouses or other household offenders should be protected, we offer these services at little or no cost whatsoever to the client in domestic violence and stalking situations. Our firm works with local agencies to obtain these cases to help protect the victims of such offenders.

Civil Protection Orders In Ohio

We represent victims, parents and adult family members of victims, as well as the accused in civil protection order (CPO) hearings. We help our clients obtain emergency protection orders in Ohio’s Domestic Relations Court or Juvenile Court.

The CPO will order the abuser to stop abusing, annoying or harassing the victim. In addition, the court may evict the abuser from the parties’ residence by ordering the abuser to vacate the home. For this reason, CPOs are serious — and they should be taken seriously by all parties involved.

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